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The Official Website of EcoEuthenics: a privately funded independent entity - nature/human friendly, idea,
innovation, invention, potential solution/problem solving, edification, and researched based.

EcoEuthenics, Ideas, Innovations, Inventions, Potential Solutions/Problem Solving, Edification, Research;
Ecology, Euthenics, Nature/Human friendly, Consultant Services, Tumbleweeds!
Softly once the mountain mist,

Went sweetly as a virgin's kiss.

The fading bugle of an elk,

Nature's concert being dealt.

Echoes through the valley too,

Stories of the mountain's doom.

Man's material infatuation,

Of future and passed generations.
the above poem is "Mountain of Glory," by D. Pope of EcoEuthenics
Hello---hope things are going well in your part of the world...  Have you really reached this website on purpose?  Pondering the following questions might help you with your quest (continue at your own risk(:
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Do I have a specific problem that could be ameliorated with a na-
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If tomorrow were today---where would I find myself?
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